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"Learn to take a joke"

Yeah learn to make one

Aug 21


The Amour of Armor.

Painting originally in an Iranian story-book.


Saw this on my dash one day:


and was very inspired! ^^

Do you believe in the "Lyanna + Rhaegar = Jon Snow" equation? I kinda like that idea though 'cause there are hints everywhere in the books and it's quite possible that Jon is not Ned's bastard. But you know George R.R. Martin, that man is unpredictable ;)


Yes, I fully subscribe to it. It’s one of the two theories I figured out just by reading the books, without reading any meta on Tumblr or anywhere else on the internet. I was very proud of myself. I don’t even see it as a headcanon, to be honest. Frankly, I always treat that “theory” as canon information, and usually tend to base all my future predictions and other theories on the ground of R+L=J being canon.

Some people suggest that GRRM is a “troll” and rather unpredictable as you’ve pointed out. Which he is. I’ve seen people claim that, since so many people “figured it out,” he might change his mind about Jon’s parentage after all. That makes no sense to me. GRRM the Evil Santa definitely likes making his fans cry and tear out their hair in frustration, but I doubt he would alter a whole storyline based on fans’ reactions. (In fact, he did say it in some interview that he didn’t go on the internet and read theories just so he wouldn’t get influenced.)

But back to R+L=J… yep, I believe it’s canon.

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Dany’s Visions in the House of the Undying


This post will give a review (supported with quotes and passages) of the visions Daenerys Targaryen saw in the House of the Undying and speculate what they could mean.

In one room, a beautiful woman sprawled naked on the floor while four little men crawled over her. They had rattish pointed faces and tiny pink hands, like the servitor who had brought her the glass of shade. One was pumping between her thighs. Another savaged her breasts, worrying at the nipples with his wet red mouth, tearing and chewing.

This has been interpreted by many as the war that had been raging in Westeros at the time. The beautiful woman on the floor is Westeros itself, and the “four little men” who are crawling over her are the four kings. (As there were never actually five kings at the War of the Five Kings at the same time, because Balon Greyjoy crowned himself after Renly died.)

Since the House of the Undying shows visions of past, present and future, we cannot know for certain if the fourth “dwarf” represents Balon Greyjoy or Renly Baratheon. The interpretation is up to you.

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10/10 best loading screen advice in any video game ever


Aug 21


It’s been forever since I’ve done anything with Blender. Please pardon me the blurred tail, I did not know how to fix that.

Aug 21


I every much enjoy ASOIAF theories, so I decided to make myself a master post of various theories and share it with you! Many of these theories range was serious to plain silly. Some of these links are very long and some of them are just a paragraph. Many of there theories come from Westeros.org, Reddit, asongoftheories and other tumblr users.

I know there are many more theories out there and if you would like me to put them on this list you may message me! (:

  • Identities: 
  1. The Cleganes: gravedigger - x x video robert strong - x x
  2. Jon Snow: x x x x x x video
  3. Secret Targaryens: x x x x x x x
  4. The Knight of the Laughing Tree: x x x
  5. Coldhands: x x x x x x
  6. Aegon VI: x x x x x x
  7. The Reeds: x x x x
  8. The Hooded Man: x x x
  9. Septa Lemore: x x x
  10. Alleras the Sphinx: x x 
  11. Quaithe: x x x
  12. Jaqen H’ghar: x
  13. Melisandre: x x
  14. The Valonqar: x x x x
  15. The Harpy: x video
  16. Tysha: x x
  17. Rhaegar Targaryen: x x x
  18. Missandei: x
  • Conspiracy:
  1. Varys: x x x
  2. The Tyrells: x x
  3. Faceless Men: x x
  4. Purple Wedding: x x
  5. Targaryen and Blackfrye Alliance: x 
  6. The North: x x x x x video
  7. Southron Ambitions: x 
  8. The Vale: x 
  9. The Citadel: x x
  10. The Dornish: x video
  • Dreams & Prophecies:
  1. Patchface: x x
  2. Bran Stark: x x x x
  3. Arya Stark: x
  4. Jon Snow: x x x
  5. Shireen: x
  6. Melisandre: x x 
  7. Moqorro: x
  8. House of the Undying: x x x
  9. Ghost of High Heart: x x x
  10. Maggy the Frog: x x
  11. Quaithe: x x
  12. Mirri Maz Duur: x
  13. Azor Ahai: x x x x x x x x x x
  • Other:
  1. Oberyn poisoning Tywin: x x
  2. Balon Greyjoy’s Death: x
  3. Roose Bolton: x video
  4. Syrio Forel: x x
  5. Sansa Stark: x x
  6. Arya Stark: x
  7. Bran Stark: x x
  8. Daenerys: x x
  9. King’s Landing: x x
  10. Summerhall: x
  11. Winterfell’s crypts: x
  12. Khal Drogo’s Fire: x
  13. Shireen’s Purpose: x x
  14. Benjen Stark: x x x
  15. Meereen: x x
  16. The Pink Letter: x x video
  17. ASOIAF and the Revelations: x
  18. The ending: x x x x x x x
  19. Multiple Theories and Essays: x x video *update*
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Guh, flawless. Non-Westernised interpretations of the steampunk genre FTW. 


I’ve been REALLY wanting to see an Indian take on Steampunk so I am so pleased you have no idea

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Aug 21


who writes these lines?? who is the smartass fucker that writes these?? it makes me sick

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We just love this.